GoDish.com is one of the subcontractors installing for dish network.These people charge $49.99 as an application fee, which they never disclose.I and others only found out about when receiving statements from the bank.

I specifically asked them if there would be any charge to my bank card and they said NO - that they only needed the information to get the service ball rolling.

Dish Network is aware that some of their contractors do this, but they don't care. Go Dish claims that they told me about this, but if they had, I never would have signed up with them.

To make things worse, I did agree to a 2-year contract.I have found some other reviews where the new customers were never even told about the 2-years upfront.

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Del Valle, Texas, United States #1331501

I got Dish Network in May and they offered me $100 gift card HBO for of year and I ain't got any of that then they try to give me a $25 gift card I knew I should have went with DirecTV dish is the worst

Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States #879870

I got the same thing I was told by dish that the installation charge was waived


Ordered a Dish package from a flyer that I got through the mail.Go Dish.com is a deceptive name for a third party that doesn't disclose that they are not the dish company.

After getting the alert from my credit card about the extra $49.99 charge that I shouldn't have had to pay had I contacted Dish directly, I cancelled the order the same day and disputed the charge from Go Dish.com .

I feel like a rape victim!

Rapid City, South Dakota, United States #703425

My sister signed up aprox 4 months ago and does not have any credit/debit cards so I used my card with the representatives word and confirmation that my card was deleted off the account and could never be used again!On Friday, Aug 16th 2013, they took $750 from MY card for my SISTERS account!

When I called for an explanation and refund, they apologized and said they could not refund my as there is no payment arrangements in the account! I requested they pull the call where their rep told me my card was deleted and could never be used again! They apologized again and said they can't do anything about it! Really!

This is illegal! Please any future customers, do your research and do not let your family or friends be a victim like me!

I'm trying to get it back from my sister but I know it's going to be a lengthy process and my kids have to suffer with school clothes!:(


this is exactly why I am checking what I can find out about GoDish.they have a local (NC) ad for $20/mo for HS internet.

I feel so "used" by Charter who has gone up from $20/mo to a current $30./mo. We users seemingly have NO Regulators looking out for the consumer. This is a 50% increase in one year.

Why do we pay the govt agencies?all they do is pretend to be our advocate :( :( and have dinner w/those overfed Rats they supposed to protect us from.

Lead Hill, Arkansas, United States #662843

This place misrepresented themselves as dish and is nothing but a scam.You don't realize they are a third party until you have a problem and call Dish directly.

Oh and by the way Dish will tell you it's not there problem and to contact the third party that signed you.I say they can both kiss it after only 30 days I'm done!


Why?Is everyone so quick to give out their "Credit Card Information"?Why?Is it that "Know One Read's ,The Find Print Before Commiting To An Contract?Then everyone want's to "Cry About Their Credit Card Being Charged After The Fact.Eventurely you all will learn"Everything That Glitter's,Is not Gold".This is your fault.All companies does this.They ask for your "CREDIT CARD INFORMATION",So they can "Decieve and Rob You.I alway's give a "CREDIT CARD NUMBER THAT I AM GOING TO CLOSE SOON AFTER".This way they cannot remove anything that is not their.

Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States #656025

called on 23rd to set up installation for tue may 28th GoDish told me i would pay 58.00 for sattlelite and 39.99 for internet.they only needed to charge 1.00 and i would be billed 58.00 plus tax the day of installation and internet free the first month.

5 minutes later i went to bank, they charged 60.00 plus 49.99 plus 100.00 for internet.i called them right back and cancelled ( they had and attitude) just found out they did not cancel the uverse

Crockett, Texas, United States #618279

Godish. com sent out flyers saying, High Speed Internet (ANYWHERE YOU LIVE) starting at $19.99 a month.

I called to try and get it, and they said that it is not available where I live for that price, and it would cost me $49.99 a month.

Sounds like false advertisement to me.

to buckman #628964

*STARTING AT* 19.99 no matter where you live! Try and make sure you refer to everything on that flyer bud. Starting at always seems to be the part people leave off when they complain

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