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I had Dish in California for 3 years and moved to Texas. About 4 months after moving, I re-instated my Dish again.

Due to the economy and unemployment I have had to stop my dish service n Rosebud. Dish is now wanting me to pay a $375.00 early termination fee!!! Because I am a valued, pay on-time customer and the terms of service are within the 6 month frame I understand that I would not have to pay an early termination fee. I won't Ever be a returning customer and will let my friends and family know of this business transaction.

I feel unfairly treated and cheated out of $375.00 of which I have not paid!! How can you do this to a loyal customer who has been with your company for 4 years!!?????

Monetary Loss: $375.

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Contracts are contracts and your NOT SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grow up and GET OVER IT CRYBABY!

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