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I worked for godish.com, And was lied to the whole time, in my interview process I was told I am guaranteed 2500 a month or my monthly commission pay which ever is more, which was a *** LIE,I was suppose to get settlement money, after 3 months from deals I closed. After my 90 days they told me I will not get it because my commissions didn't exceed the 2500, so why you tell me that after the fact???

they change my schedule 3 times with in 3 months and when I told them I cant work pass certain time all they do is suspend me time and time again, cause they don't want to fire anyone, cause they don't wont you to get unemployment, then they have a new commission plan and guess what? every call that a rep takes and don't close they charge the rep 35 dollars and deduct it out of there pay check, this is the city hall of SATAN and all of those *** or going to ***, PLEASE PEOPLE if u do get service through dish, DO NOT GO THROUGH godish.com u willlll regret it trust me I know I worked there, the devil is a lier.

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I worked for Dish Network at the Dallas DNSC. I never saw a company that would lie to it's employees so much.

I was told I would be making so much a year, but when I started looking at my paychecks, there was no way I was going to come close to making that. When I asked about the pay issue, the GM flat out lied and said she never said that. They also do not trust their employees. I worked there for 9 months and could not wait to leave.

They did not seem to care one way or another.

Really it is no surprise that Go Dish would be the same.

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