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Dish is running a promotion for a 2-year deal, with no hidden fees, and guaranteed price lock. Included in a $100 Gift Card and some other incentives such as Netflix and 3 months movie packs.

I accepted the offer and was immediately charged a "one-time" admin fee of $49; which reduces the gift card to $51. Then I expected to have the card sent to me upon activation as promised by Dish, but was provided an email with a link to "MPellSolutions to redeem my gift card. MPELL then instructs me to purchase either a money order or cashiers check for $2.95 and send them or they won't process a request for me to receive the promised $100.00. I called Go-Dish on Monday evening (Nov 30, 2015) and a lady who only identified herself as the night supervisor was pretty hostile and insisted on telling me that I had no choice but to comply if I wanted the $100.

She did manage to stop talking over me as I insisted that I was going to remain polite, but respectfully disagreed with her and asked for the name and contact information to a supervisor. She gave me the name "Dusty" and stated that he wasn't in. She also gave me a regular number, which I will follow up with.

There are certainly some ad issues at stake here, along with very deceptive customer service principles.

This reviewer shared experience about "false advertisement" and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $100. This person is overall dissatisfied with Godish. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I too have not received a gift card. Have called several times and have been told forms have been mailed.

I wish a hundred times over I had stayed with Direct TV. They are now offering me a $300 gift card to come back to them


i have gotten the same offer cept the 100 will be put on my account.


As soon as I can cancel without a fee I will be gone and they will lose my monthly payments for the next 20-30 years. I called dish directly, as I feel they need to share responsibility for their authorized retailers.

They won’t help.

They are well aware of this scam, yet don’t seem to care as long as they can blame it on a 3rd party. They are just as guilty by proxy.


It happened to me to. The gift card is a scam.

There needs be be some recourse against them. They make it very confusing and deceptive. They told us the card would be issued after paying on time for 3 months bills. After paying for 3 months the card never came, and when I called back they said we only had 60 days to apply for the gift card.

They never told us we had to apply when they sold us this. I don’t see why there isn’t a class action lawsuit against these peooke


i tried to write a report however my report was kicked off before i could post it. i am upset with dish false advertisement.

they need to be reprimanded find and have to pay us all our 100 dollars plus the aggrevation we have gone thru with because of their lies/ i am very up set and will call and tell them so. they appear to be a bunch of crooks.


I want my 100 .too gift card


I had Dish installed into my home two weeks ago and was promised ahundred dollar Visa card . I was given a web site to log into with no success.

( I went there and found that there wasn't a form to fill in for the Visa Card. So, how do I get it?


GoDish is an authorized retailer for DISH. They are not DISH.

We are an authorized retailer as well and don't offer the $100 gift card and do not charge the $49.99 activation fee. The same as DISH corporate.

Unfortunately, consumers see the ads for GoDish and jump at it hook, line and sinker. DISH is a good product when properly represented but companies like GoDish give all retailers a black eye.


so it been 13 days i cannot pull the from up for my 100 dollars i believe it a scam to get your business Direct tv dont lie they keep there words in that mean a lot to me. i been played

to Michael kelly #1487183



I actually did fill out he form from a website given to me and did not have to send any money order. i just did what the sales agent that helped me told me to do and was able to receive my gift card like promised.

i assume that maybe there was miscommunication between you all. i always ask and take notes when i get into any contract.

all the disclosures that need to be read must be listen to very carefully and not simply ignore them. i am a very happy customer.


I also had Dish installed at my home yesterday and I am already having problems. They told me there would be a 1 time charge of $ 49.99. But guess what i was also charged $ 54.00 more from the installer from outside.

to ANA #1273842

You're honestly surprised?

to ANA #1427220

I refused to pay the $49.00 and the dish agent waived the fee when she thought I was going to back out.

Bridgton, Maine, United States #1262089

Danville, West Virginia, United States #1245116

Sounds like what I've gone through!! NEVER received my $100.00 card.

Had to pay extra for wireless hoppers bc the tech COULDN'T figure out where the lines were?! Lol When Comcast had just been disconnected. I should've stayed with them and paid extra! At least I didn't jump from a $39.99 package to $80 something a month like Dish does!!

And don't get half of the channels that I'm paying for!!

Contacted a lawyer friend. I'm going to be out of the contract bc they didn't want sued!!


People, did any of you stop and think for a moment that this 'group' might not actually be affiliated with DISH proper? Has anyone actually CALLED DISH to find out if this 'company' are actually working with them?

Keyser, West Virginia, United States #1224575

I agree. The same issue happened with me


No surprise! I have gotten many surprises since signing with Dish, none so far have been good!

Springfield, Missouri, United States #1195689

new customer only had my services for 3 months and it has been a horrible experience from day one. i still have not received my $100 visa card.

please listen do not get DISH cable. HORRIBLE

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